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Teeth Whitening is a growth business - in fact it is part of an $10 billion industry. 

It compliments any existing salon or beauty based business as well as being optimal as a part-time business (e.g. mobile teeth whitening).  In fact, many of our trainees have found that the mobile route has been beneficial and given them the extra income that they wanted. 

Our teeth whitening courses are designed to allow you to tap into this market with minimal investment and full teeth whitening qualification at the successful completion of the whitening course.


We ourselves have been performing teeth whitening for many years and we will be giving you real-world experience when it comes to business development.


Please read all the information below, as it will help clarify all the questions that you may have regarding teeth whitening.



Teeth Whitening Training Course Results



Why Choose Us?


There are so many training courses out there so why choose us?


We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and thoroughly professional when it comes to training.


1. We are professional trainers ourselves - the course was devised by dentists and are overseen by healthcare professionals.


2. Our trainers run their own successful medical and dental businesses and can give you real-world experience and business advice.


3. We only use products that we ourselves use on our own patients everyday, with track records to prove it.


4. High quality equipment tailor-made for the purpose of teeth whitening.  We use the same equipment ourselves in our own clinics for the past 5 years.


5. High quality after-care (ask any one of our trainees) and 1 day turn around on whitening gels and supplies.


6. Your success is ours as well, as well qualified and informed trainees make the most-successful practitioners of the future! 

Quality will shine through so make sure you are trained by the best in the business.


What About Peroxide Free Products?


Peroxide-free products have a more limited effect when it comes to teeth whitening.  However, as there is no legislation covering peroxide-free products, their use is not limited to dentists alone.  Therefore, all appropriately trained practitioners can utilise them.



What Qualification Will I Receive?


You will be a trained Cosmetic Whitening Technician at the end of the course and will receive a certificate of completion from Teeth Labs.


You will be able to be insured upon completion of the course and will be able to independently practise and perform teeth whitening. 



Am I Getting Good Value?


Compared to what other companies are providing, our package is extremely competitive.


Tutoring has been devised by medical professionals and coupled with the small class size, we feel you really are getting a truly exceptional value package.


Till date, we have only had praise on our high quality training and have been fortunate to have trained many fantastic people who have gone on to successfully practise.


We aim to keep our training standards as high as possible, to maintain our standing and reputation as one of the best quality teeth whitening training centres.



Teeth Whitening Training Package

The full teeth whitening training course package will allow you to start up your own laser teeth whitening business and get going as soon as you have successfully completed the one day course.

We offer in-depth training courses formulated to enable you to become a certified Cosmetic Whitening Technician (CWT).

The course will cover:

- Initial Consultation
- Patient Assessment
- Identifying Gum Disease
- Identifying Staining Profiles (e.g tetracycline)
- Identifying Fillings/Crowns/Veneers/Cavities
- Navigating Consent Forms
- Identifying Unsuitable Patients
- Technical Profile of Dental Bleaching
- Overview of Dental Materials
- Safety Profiles
- Teeth Whitening Demonstration
- Practical Hands-On Experience
- Teeth Whitening Protocols
- Business Development
- Growing Your Business
- Full CWT Certification


- 1 x TeethLabs® Cool Blue LED Light / Curing Light
- 15 x TeethLabs® Patient Treatment Packs
- 15 x TeethLabs® Whitening Gels
- 15 x TeethLabs® Gum Dams
- 1 x Cheek Retractor
- 1 x Patient Goggles

- 1 x Vita German Teeth Shade Guide
- 1 x Consent Forms


- 12 Months Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Insurance





Teeth Whitening Training Packages



Laser Teeth Whitening Training Courses


If you would like the training for an additional staff member or if you already own the equipment you can opt for the laser teeth whitening training-only package.  This costs less than the laser teeth whitening full package.


You will get full training as above and course completion certificate.



(Training Only Package)



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